Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Love Hate Relationship

When I had left delhi 7 days ago was reeling under an arid heat that scorched my skin and brain both. I was glad to escape to Bombay , the wet queen of Maharashtra, and loved so much the intermittent showers.... unlike the typical Bombayite, who is always complaining of rains...I would not mind the rotting, fishy smell that emanated from the sea and would not bother to find excuses to walk the streets and feel the pouring rain on my baking face...I would hungrily watch the weather reports of Delhi in the evening news, in hope of some respite when I return there... when I landed at Delhi the gods were smiling down on the frying city that I had left behind...I walked out from the airport building into a softly singing rain and hurried towards the cab...secretly changing my views about the hopelessness of this city that always rushes to extremes.
Well I have always had this love /hate relationship with Delhi. This city is like that beautiful stepmother whom your father has brought home one quiet night, waking you from a deep sleep. He introduces her to you...and you involuntarily like her beauty...but you hate her existence...So you can never really openly love her...though you want to...!!!
Delhi has unparallel beauty in its monuments, structures, treelined streets, the still green avenues, the mindboggling variety of FOOD!! And just when you thought that you are into a beautiful, eternal relationship with throws it's ugly tantrum such as the crazy heat and dust , doubly crazy traffic, unruly drivers, uncouth men, rude policemen, smooth operating conmen ;and you begin to have second thoughts....

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Pallav said...

Very true!!!Delhi is Delhi and Bombay is afterall Bombay.....But you cant stop loving Delhi because its like a beautiful stepmother whom you want to gaze and cant stop gazing though you hate her!!!I just love whatever you just waiting for more such beautiful thoughts!!!