Monday, June 1, 2009

The Kite

The kite had broken away from the sky and was stuck on the branch of a tall tree. I gently pulled it free from the thorny grasp and held it in my hands.
‘This is mine. I found it first. I detangled it and I brought it down.’ I protested.
‘No this is mine. It reminds me so much of you.’ He said, looking wistfully at me.


William Michaelian said...

“The kite had broken away from the sky” is a wonderful line. And when I came to “‘No this is mine,’” I thought it must be the sky speaking.

Nazia Mallick said...

Thank you William!

Nathan said...

I just clicked on the comment link to say I loved the idea of the kite breaking away from the sky... we usually think of the sky as this thing that is not a thing! Seems it has already been said- but now it's said again!

Nazia Mallick said...

Nathan,thank you for the comment and your insight!