Booked for life...

I have loved books so much that it hurts. Especially since I have decided to enter the world of writing them.
There in my bedroom of girlhood were these packed shelves of enough wisdom, knowledge and imagination to keep me going for life. And I constantly looked for my identity in this treasure of other men’s experiences and expressions. In these books I looked for an affirmation to sustain in a world where mediocrity is a crime. Perhaps it is this secret desire to rise above the mediocrity that the desire to write a book came into being.
Believe it or not, writing a book and publishing it is as presumptuous as tapping someone on the shoulder and making a demand on them to stop and listen to you.
However, the decision is always scary at first. To unleash into this rather unfeeling and capricious world the thoughts, feelings and an open gazed vulnerability of deeper emotions; and then lurk around, secretly hoping to be accepted.
Even praised. Even loved.


Hello, Nazia. Lovely entry. Of course, writing and publishing is also like being a flower. Writers cannot help but bloom. Let those with their senses alert draw near, while others hurry by....
Nazia Mallick said…

Thank you very much for your lovely comment.
As cliched and mushy as it sounds, you did indeed fill up the empty, half unfurled scroll with the heady fragrance of this flower...
Hola Nazia:
Tus palabras hablan de inteligencia, compromiso y honestidad. Es bueno leer tus textos publicados en tus blogs y en otros sitios como Horizonte Literario Contemporáneo. Me alegro mucho de haberte descubierto.
Saludos cordiales.
María Eugenia
Nazia Mallick said…
Thank you very much Maria, for your very warm words of praise.
Thanks lot for reading me and taking out time to reach and connect so wonderfully!
All best!
Basque-Land said…
I love how you described what it feels like to "unleash" and then to "lurk" around "hoping". People are almost pushing me to get "published" and I understand so well that feeling of feeling it to be "presumptuous" and then I am giddy when someone praises. I like writing in my cave so to speak. Thank you for this post.
Nazia Mallick said…
Thank you Rozanna

Writers go through many agonizing moments. The "occurring" , the "jotting" the decision to "unleash" -as you say- and then the breathlessness...

We all begin from the cave, don't we??

But we never let go of that yen to to crawl out from the cave and smell those William said in his comment.

Many good wishes to you!

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