Monday, August 27, 2007

The stars have sting...!

The vulnerability we feel when we are close to someone, are hard to contain. We seek all sorts of defensive ruses to conceal the depths of our attachment. It could be in the form of feigned lack of interest, to attack on and contempt for the other's activities, or to taking up of falsely independent behaviour. When we ignore the other person's need of us, we are actually fighting with our own demons of fear. The fear of being unlovable. Or the fear that the other person may see our 'real self' and that love will be taken away soon.
We often get more busy in fighting love than enjoying it while it is there for us . It happens because in many painful ways we believe ourselves to be unlovable, and when and if we find love, we often can't believe it. We test it, treat it with scorn and refuse to enjoy it , or it can be said that we don't know how to enjoy it.
We resort to wounded sulks, and jealousy becomes a defensive manoeuvre. We tend to focus more on the external threat, rather than working with our internal difficulty of trusting the other person.

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