Monday, November 2, 2009

The Retreat

Once again, I found ways to escape in the sounds of silence.

The pictures above are of a beautiful hill station, located near Chamba valley in Himachal.
I was here, for thirteen days with the blessed peace and calm of nature, and nothing else but the mystic serenity all around me.
Not much human contact, except the distant waiter who brought me my meals and few walkers whom I met in the quiet pathways. Beyond my cottage, just opposite my window there, was that majestic mountain peak covered with the first winter snow. The mountain called on me at evening leaning upon my window, and I spent the twilight there with it.
While I was asleep, it stood on sentry till morning of the following day...

Today I am back within the dusty walls of my crowded city life. Amongst the rat race of humans. To get entangled once again in the crazy whirl of urbane living.
To the deafening screech of skidding wheels, when egos are more inflated than the tryes of the car.
How I remember my friend, the mountain peak that stood so high, so aloof, so quiet at its loftiness, reaching out to me everyday in its calm magnificence.



Pallav said...

Hill stations are always so inspiring. You can’t experience that thing in an urban setting. I can feel the tranquility of Himachal in Delhi through your writing. You are definitely a delightful storyteller.

Nazia Mallick said...

Thank you Pallav.


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