Monday, April 20, 2009

My Quiet Interlude

I believe in silence, simplicity and special ness.

I believe that no matter what; life is still alive under mounds of naiveté, bad timing, detours, dejections, wrong choices, unforeseen circumstances, stupid mistakes, fears, tears, hopelessness, heartbreaks and disappointments.
After living through two decades of unbridled adrenaline rushes due to my work and aspirations, I have decided to winnow the extremes and turn it into simple abundance.
One of my peaceful moments is drinking my favourite brew at the local coffee shop while watching people come and go. Often I get to sit at my most preferred corner and I sip my coffee with the delectable piece of warm apple cake that the guy at the counter serves with a warmer smile.
I generally go there when there is lesser crowd, and sit for half an hour to 45 minutes, feeling a sense of complete and utter peacefulness. My work related and personal worries just melt away at that time, and I give in to the simple bliss of the moment, pushing away every other thought out of my mind. These are my moments of de-clutter and recharge. I slowly arrange my thoughts like a bouquet of flowers, and as I sip my coffee, I feel the gentle pause inside me , to inhale the fragrance, appreciate the colour and the beauty of life's most neglected pleasures...and the quiet joy of getting in touch with an inner aloneness.

Like any other normal person I also dream about being most happy when I gain true success in my venture, or find the perfect person to share my life with...but often these afternoon sojourns bring me the quiet assurance, that happiness can be learnt. That sometimes it is just round the corner.... in a cup of frothy coffee, in a small piece of warm apple cake, in a tinkling laughter from the side table, or in some deep, reflective gaze that I catch fleetingly while looking around...


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