Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The leaf
tosses back
fighting still
to rise again
just like me
the leaf.


Pallav said...

I am falling,rising,falling again but I am never down. The beauty of life lies in struggle. I am no philosopher, no poet..I am just someone who lives life on his own terms.

Your poem deciphers life...I am so touched.

Keep writing!

Nazia Mallick said...

Yeah Pallav

That is the best way to live. On your own terms.
Notwithstanding the price one has to pay but rejoicing in your impossible dreams.

For a writer there is no oblivion, only endless memory. There are times when I hate this inner excitement that makes me run the words through in my head. It catches me anywhere, everywhere, sometimes even when I am asleep.
I am doomed to keep writing, even when no one will read:)
Thank You. I will.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your writing, past and present, and enjoy it very much.

So many souls out in the world who feel and think similarly. Yeah, we're doomed to write, even when no one will read. It's a wonder, isn't it? But imagine how miserable life would be if we hoped EVERYONE would read. There's something to be said for our humble existence, eh?


Nazia Mallick said...

Hi Christine

Thank You very much for your warming words. It is early morning here in India and I am drinking your words with my tea.
Certainly,there are so many souls out there who think and feel similarly.It is a miracle for me when people across the distant continents reach out to me with their words. For lovers of words, words are all we need.
If I did not thank you for joining my abyss then please blame it on my shyness and wonder.
I am always humbled to see great writers following my writing. Nevertheless, the joy and pride is always there, silently.

Thank You very much, Christine.

Elisabeth said...

Such a captivating and haunting image Nazia, again an image that matches your beautiful words. Like a sphinx rising from the ashes your leaf is lovely.

Nazia Mallick said...

Thank You very much Elisabeth, for the appreciation of my words.

The image is created by my son who is just learning designing and to work with photo shop.

I gave him my poem to read and asked him to help with the image; the rest is as you see.

Thank you indeed for the appreciation.


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