Friday, April 16, 2010

The Game

"Since we've seen each other, a game goes on.
Secretly I move, and you respond.
You're winning, you think its' funny,
But look up from the board now, look how,
I've brought in furniture to this invisible place,
So we can live here."

Author Unknown.


Anonymous said...

This post gives me a sense of unease, although I don't think that was your point or your intent.

We sometimes grow weary of relationships that require strategy. Such things imply offense and defense, victory and defeat.

Your photo choice is a perfect companion to the message.

I hope the intended recipient of these words is a fictional character. He/she was perhaps conjured from some distant reality.

Thank you for sharing this excerpt.


Elisabeth said...

Wonderful game here, Nazia. Filled wth mystery. I wonder who will win, whether it will end in a stale mate or just stop half way. There's more to life than game playing.

Nazia Mallick said...

Your 'unease' is a good sign. It tells a lot about how you perceive relationships.

Yes,it is conjured from some distant reality, it is not me or him or her!

Personally, I like to be upfront in expressing my feelings.
And I believe- falling in love is a matter of luck or grace.

I am just trying to understand the games people play with each other...often leaving tremendous misunderstandings,disappointments, isolation and loneliness.

And to quote you-" We sometimes grow weary of relationships that require strategy. Such things imply offense and defense, victory and defeat."

Thank you Christine, for connecting!

Nazia Mallick said...

Thank you Elisabeth, there is indeed more to life and let me add 'Love' than game playing.
In this game the one who thinks he/she is winning actually a loser and the one who thinks the other one is a loser, is a loser too..

Gee, have I confused you ;)

Tanzila said...

this to me is the way most people define love... sidelong glances, sighs at the other's presence... secretly passed notes... mock anger.. and finally the realisation that the other person iss nag and baggage right their in your being. :)

Nazia Mallick said...

Yes Tanzila.
What you say is part of a certain "playfulness" in love, which is akin to game.

However, 'The game' entails "calculated" moves.

Thank you for stopping by:)

Basque-Land said...

I am fasinated by relationships and try not to judge them. They can be colorful, fun, loving, not loving, competitive etc. etc. Love is a mysterious thing and so are the bastard results of what is sometimes referred to as love.

Nazia Mallick said...

I am in perfect understanding of what you mean by your words here.

For me love has gone through many definitions as I grew in years. Now I look at it from a distance, and thus with more clarity that this distance provides.

Now I see it as it is. Minus the tinsel and the utopia.

Thank you very much for your thoughts!


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