Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Glance

Of what my thoughts?
All I knew, most likely
The fate’s shoulder and my own
Rubbed one another carelessly.
That’s all.
Some moments slipped by.
A second or two; a trembling.
And in those eyes I saw a cry,
Of silent yearning.


awyn said...

Hi Nazia,
I like your new template! I tried one out myself this past weekend, but felt kind of lost in it. So I went back to the old one. :)
How's the new book faring? Is it in all the local bookstores yet? And now you're at work on a second one! (I read that somewhere. :)
Lovely photo by the way. Did you take the picture?

Nazia Mallick said...

Hi Annie

Always, always a pleasure to hear from you.

The last I heard from my publisher, the book is still going through the editing process. I have been quite impatient asking when are they going to release it, and they are equally patient with me, telling me to wait a little, patience pays:)

Yes, I am working on my second book these days, the best way to sail through the waiting period.

Yes Annie, I took this picture during my recent trip.
It is of a restaurant on top of a hill at Mussoorie (India) against the falling dusk.
The tables were arranged for dinner and I was sitting with my cup of tea...

Thank You very much.


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