Thursday, August 5, 2010

A kind of Hush

The night rolls out like a black snake
Hissing few soundless songs…
In the deep shadows of trees
I hear the wind weep, hiding its face in the dark.

*The title is derived from an old Carpenters’ song- “There is a kind of hush all over the world…”


Elisabeth said...

Exquisite Nazia, a yellow moon alongside the skeleton of a tree and the words to match. Thanks.

Nazia Mallick said...

Thank You Elisabeth

Your appreciation is much loved!

Basque-Land said...

There can be pain, lonliness and stillness in the the dark. I can feel this. Thank you

Nazia said...

Thank you very much, Rozanna.

If you can feel this then you have heard the whisper. I thank you for your depth and sensitivity.

María Eugenia Mendoza said...

Hermosa comunión entre palabras e imagen. Eres una gran poeta.
Va un abrazo.

P.D. La opción de ventana emergente en la configuración del blog da la oportunidad de mantener abierta la página principal mientras escribimos el comentario, quizá te gustaría experimentar.

Nazia said...

Gracias Maria


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