Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There, where dusk on the high hills fell,
I came to you across the dark abyss,
Under your cool lime trees;
To live by your brook, by your calm waters...
I supped happiness, yes, and drank deeply from your stream,
In whole handfuls, covered so gently by your palms.
And in that irradiant moment for us two,
The trees stood still and the world held its breath.

Photo- Nazia


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful image, Nazia. You capture that momentous feeling that comes as we fall and fall into ... whatever the bliss will be.

I have been away for too long and have missed the community of writers here. It's nice to read you again.


Nazia Mallick said...

Thank you Christine, and Welcome back.
You were missed much!!!

Tanzila said...

I felt like a distant observer to a lover's tryst. Its beautiful. As always. :)

Nazia Mallick said...

Thanks Tanzila, as always:)


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