Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four elements

Your love

Winnowed, I fell into you
and grew
deep within.

© Nazia Mallick


Megha Agrawal said...


"Winnowed, I fell into you
and grew
deep within."

That reminds me of the lyrics of a song by Incubus.. 'Love hurts but without love I won't survive........' :)

Nazia Mallick said...

Thanks Megha:)

That sums up...if it hurts, love more... And if it hurts more, love even more!

Megha Agrawal said...

that's such a positive way of looking at things_ Thank u for saying that!!! :)

Nazia Mallick said...

Thank you Megha:)
Love is, positive things!

Megha Agrawal said...

I don't know if it's asking for too much. But I'd really like to invite you to visit my blog of paintings..

Emm..I guess it's because I really appreciate your indomitable faith on love. I do believe in it, but I was yet to be convinced completely before I stumbled upon your blog.

Thank u! Your comments would be more than welcome...:)

Nazia Mallick said...

You are not asking for much,Megha:)

I tried my hand at sketching once, but realized I don't have the right kind of patience and concentration to do justice to this form of art.
The only good thing that has come out from being a 'failed artist' is that now I am a huge admirer of artists!

Megha Agrawal said...


And thanks for your comments!
They are priceless.. lol.


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