Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Stillness of the Pond…

I live on shredded moments.
Of quietude.
Moments that are picked up at random, here and there.
Like walking along the river-banks, when I find a current that trembles and then disappears.
Sometimes I stop by a muddy pit and peep into its generous void.
Wondering at people who throw things into it. Things they don't need or want or have begun to hate.
Have they also thrown a body sometime?

There are times when I step back, from life or myself-- mainly myself-- and lean upon the fences.
And gaze at the sunsets. Those are happy moments.

Sometimes I take these pictures* (Those are happier moments)

* I did not kiss this frog. I allowed it to leap away from my palm, and jump back into the pond...

Location -Somewhere in Himachal. 


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