Monday, May 7, 2012

That figment of you…

Perhaps I have met you before. 
In another time, another day.
I have walked past your door and have seen you picking up posts from the snowdrift on your porch.
Your house has blue roof and white washed walls. 
A white wisteria curls along the wooden fence and the lone chair in your verandah is painted in a fading green shade. 
At times you have just stood there, shading your eyes against the sun, lost in thoughts. 
We have greeted each other silently, smiled and walked on.  
There have been times when we've crossed paths along the twisted trails in the hills. 
My scarf fluttering in the wind , while you walked one step behind…our feet falling in perfect rhythm. 
In silence.
Sometime I catch your glimpse in another pair of eyes. 
A smile, a laughter, and that particular bend of another’s head that conjures pictures of you. 
And a nameless ache.
Our talks are incandescent, dissolving in imagery, smiles and dreams. 
We are tied to each other’s thoughts, like those “wish-threads” on the wall of a shrine.
And I wonder if one day I retreat my steps and lean over your fence. 
Will you recognize me?

© Nazia Mallick


Elisabeth said...

I hope I'd be able to recognise you, Nazia. Such beautiful writing here. Thank you.

Nazia Mallick said...

Thank You Elisabeth! You inspire me so much with your encouraging words!


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